Say Hello To CardDrop

Tired of carrying around that stack of business cards?

With CardDrop you can easily share your contact info. Just drop your card with the app or (on mobile browser), and let the people you meet pick it up any time with the app or on the web.

Now on the AppStore

Coming soon natively on other mobile platforms.

Until then you can access via on your smart phones.


Platform agnostic.

With CardDrop, the people you meet don't need to have the app or even a phone. When you drop your card, just tell your contacts to pick up your card on When they request your card, they can send their contact info along too.

1. Create your card in 60 seconds or less and drop at your courrent location
2. Let people you meet pick it up using the app or on the web from the location, right away or later.
3. Stay connected and discover business opportunities never before possible.

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A small team on a big mission.

CardDrop was born out of pain and uselessness brought by paper based business cards. Living in the age where apps rule the world, we still rely on paper based business cards. Especially at conferences and events, where it is very easy to run out of them and loose context of interesting people we meet. CardDrop tries to redefine "connection" by reducing the technology barrier and inertia among business card exchange in general.

Robert Strojan
Co-Founder & Hacker
Full stack iOS Developer
MS in Elec. from Unvi. of Louisville
Sohel Siddique
Co-Founder & Hacker
Full stack iOS, and node.js developer
Works as a Sr. Software Architect
MS in Elec. from Unvi. of Louisville

When not hacking: hiking